Hotel Guest Loyalty Programs to Increase Bookings

Hotel Guest Loyalty Programs to Increase Bookings

Do everything to attract new guest and retain your old customers to catch up in this competitive hospitality industry. These are the major aspect that you should necessarily maintain when thinking of generating more bookings and revenues. A well planned and organized hotel guest loyalty program can aid you in this. As tourists and travellers are being spoilt for their choice, they are ready to change their choice of stay because they have got lots of hotels around. Remember that retaining customers is a brilliant way to make your business profitable. Hotel business package Kerala is the best way to execute loyalty programs. Statistics have indicated that,

  • More than 61% travellers love loyalty programs with lots of rewards
  • Millenials more than 68% show loyalty to hotel brand that offers them maximum rewards

To hold on at your hotel business in this competitive era which is overcrowded, repeat guests, as they are referred to. A guest loyalty programs can bring in more bookings and costs only five to ten times less than other promotion ideas and can help in Hotel business management Dubai as it is an attractive and splendid tourist destination.. Every hotels are now therefore making huge efforts to hold on their existing clientele and generate a list of loyal guests for whom they can cater in a special way. It has become more important than ever, designing an efficient guest loyalty program. This is the most successful way to expand the repeat business of your hotel and hence turn your customers into brand advocates. Consider these broad, guiding principles while designing your hotel’s guest loyalty programs:

  1. Make Your Reward Program Personal

What can make your guest feel special? Serving your repeat guests considering their likes and dislikes would delight them. If your guest loyalty program offers some discount on spa service for a guest on business trip holds no value. They may not be able to use your service who is there for a corporate purpose. So, tailor your reward or offerings depending on the customer data. An efficient hotel management software can help you collect and store guest data. This can help you analyze your guest and have actionable insights. Discounts on in-store items, check-ins that are flexible for business travellers, add-on services that are designed as per the preferences of your guest can add more value to your guest loyalty program, hotel management system UAE aids you in this. Also use customer surveys to know what they feel about this program.

     2) Privileged Membership

Ensure that your customers are treated as privileged members to gain their satisfaction. The happiness level is higher when they receive special attention and exclusive offers. This can draw them toward your hotel whenever they visit your place. They will not need a second choice of stay. Any promotional offers or add-ons to menu items knowing their taste shows that you care them.

    3) Make it Simple

Loyalty programs that brings no value or is difficult to use seems uninteresting. Put out the simple hotel loyalty program which allows your customers to regain offers and use those benefits easily. If your program gets more complicated, the sooner will it lose the value. Do not involve your customers in troublesome processes to gain the reward, make it as simple as possible. Hotel management software Singapore is an efficient way of making all these clean.

    4) Keep in Touch

Update your customers clearly and frequently with your loyalty programs. Even if they are away from you hotel, send instant notification to each of your valuable customers. Notify them your price offers, special services and newsfeeds. Send them a thanking note after they leave via SMS or email also, generate a welcome message after their booking. Highlight the catchy and important points in your message. This active communication can keep your guests interested in your hotel stay reminding them of the unique features and exactly why they have become your members. Hotel management system UK is an excellent and handy tool for this.

     5) Embrace Technologies

Tech savvy travellers are more attracted to those loyalty programs that are supported by latest technologies and easy to use, hotel management system India is always happy to welcome new technologies for their customer satisfaction. Make sure that you hotels make use of recent technology and bring out innovative ways to share your programs and reward your customers with their eligible guests. A reliable online structure to view the details of the program and fill the customer’s data is a convenient  way for appealing to travellers for long. An efficient mobile app can also facilitate smooth execution of guest loyalty program. Issuing a loyalty card to frequent customers works very well as it help you to track any reward redemption pattern or developments of any particular guest which enables you to devise customer involvement in a better way.



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