10 Must-Have features of an Effective Booking Engine

10 Must-Have features of an Effective Booking Engine

Booking engines are the business drivers of every hotel website and booking app. Its design and look and feel should be optimised for easy and intuitive booking by online visitors.

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When it comes to the booking process, the design and usability of your booking engine can make or break the deal. Customers are looking for a simple, straightforward booking experience with complete transparency at every step of booking.

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Let us see some of the essential features a booking engine can use to serve clients better.

1) Image gallery: Customers wish to see first before they book. Make sure you place good resolution images of each inventory.

2) Match hotel brand style: Set up the custom theme look and feel of your booking engine in sync with the hotel website, so guests receive a seamless experience of moving from your website to booking engine.

3) Visibility settings: A well-designed hotel booking engine in thrissur has the option to show/hide all of the hotel services, utilities and any other information your guest might need to make an informed booking decision.

4) Sales maximisers: The booking system should support upselling with optional extras (like for eg. complimentary breakfast option or special discount for advance booking).

5) Support for different currencies: This should be a core feature as it allows customers to pay in their own currency wherever they are located.

6) Promo code: Your booking system should allow guests to redeem promo codes as one would do in email marketing to encourage repeat bookings.

7) Live support: Guests should be able to get instant support during the booking process, whether by phone or better still – a live chat window.

8) Responsive feature: Most bookings nowadays are made through a smartphone, so your booking engine needs to be optimised for the small mobile screen as well. HOTEL BOZZ provides mobile booking apps for iOS as well as Android phones.

9) Online payment gateway integration: Guests should be able to pay in whichever method they prefer – whether by credit/debit card, internet banking or other popular gateways.

10) Email marketing integration: Valuable customer data collected by booking engines can be used to stay in touch with existing and prospective customers through Email automation.


HOTEL BOZZ – Hotel Booking Engine in Thrissur, incorporates all these features and more, giving your guests the best booking experience and enough reasons to book directly with you again and again. Drive more direct customers to you and show some muscle to OTAs while growing your brand name with an expanding circle of loyal guests.


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